• U Type Mobile Clip Selfie Stick Clip
  • U Type Mobile Clip Selfie Stick Clip
  • U Type Mobile Clip Selfie Stick Clip
  • U Type Mobile Clip Selfie Stick Clip
Name:U Type Mobile Clip Selfie Stick Clip
Package:Color box
Trade Term:EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR
Reference Price:USD0.25/pc

Product Description

1. The clip is very small and convenient, can be applicable to the mobile phone of 55-85mm wide, the phone card bit width is adjusted freely, convenient operation;
2. Both sides of the groove and the front are equipped with soft pads, two layers to strengthen the sponge jig, prevent the love machine leaning forward to fall, effective anti-skid.
3. There is a standard tripod interface (note: this interface is the latest material plating nut), the hole depth of interface is 6 mm, can be connected with any tripod or fast loading plate, can also be loaded on the stabilizer used oh, of course, the same convenience.
4. Mobile phone models: iphone5 5s iphone4 4s xiaomi, HTC, samsung 9220 Note3, Note2 can be used. Please cooperate with selfie stick and selfie artifact.
5. Color: black 
6. Material: plastic, some metal screw mouth: general 1/4 inch screw hole can be attached to any tripod.

Product Weight: 0.022 kg
Material: ABS plastic, alloy
Name: u-type clip
Ctn size: 50.9 *34.9*25.8cm
Qty: 500pcs/ctn

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